Monday, January 12, 2009

Buff Castle 2nd. Saturday!

Last Saturday night in Sacramento, our local Hip-Shack: Buff Castle threw it down with two live bands, racks of vintage clothing, vinyl records, vintage electronics, and bric-a-brac! White Fang drove down from Portland/Hood River Oregon to make the show. They "filled the space" with cowbell, small drum kit, lead guitar, and lead vocals....super fun and high energy combined with soem genuine can't hide solid musicianship. White Fang finished their set in front of a wall-to-wall crowd inside Buff Castle with owners Lizz (in her vintage W.E.T. River Trips T! and Dan-Dan (as well as their capable assistant Christian) held it all together with PBR, Humus, fruit, juice, pretzels, cheese, crackers, and a pile of Oreos (Oreos are VEGAN...'ya know!). Out back in the Buff Castle courtyard the Religious Girls from Oakland set-up and played for a packed crowd that spilled over into the alley attracting a major crowd (luckily the local Po Po got busy with a robbery suspect at the corner liquor store and a smaller crowd had also gathered at 21st and L for another show).....No issues. No Foul. The Religious Girls tore it up with incredible percussion (their drummer is better than killer!) mixed with crafted electro keyboards, gizmos, and augmented vocals. The show ended with drum heads covered with paint and spraying the crowd though some psycho beats....Big fun @ the Buff Castle!

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