Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Springtime in California

All right now...it is becoming Spring and California Springtime is like no other time...

Take a long 3 day weekend and make it happen: Friday the 13th...go snowboarding at

Sugar Bowl and beat the crowds: go up earlier and hit the lifts when they open, skip lunch and ride until the warming snow gets grabby at about 2pm and come back down the hill...get home by 4 and get on the motorcycle for a quick dual-sport ride on Michigan Bar Road...cross the Consumnes River and ride to Salmon Falls Rd. for a crossing of the South Fork American River and roll into Camp Lotus (oh yeah: you brought your whitewater gear and sleeping bag)...sleep...get up and meet the crew at the warehouse and run the full South Fork American (Chili Bar to Salmon Falls) and head back to camp...party, tell stories about winter and trips from the past, and just catch-up...get up a little bit late and head to the North Fork American.... rip it up!...but, take dome time to take pics of those amazing green hills, poppies, and redbud!...back to a waiting KLR 650 and a quick ride home to Sacramento. Snowboarding, Dual-sport motorcycling, and 30 miles of Class 3 and 4 whitewater rafting....Only in California...Only in the Spring!

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