Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Triple Crown debuted last spring. W.E.T. River Trips established the standard by rafting all three Forks of the American River in under 12 hours. The day started off on the North Fork American at 6am, comntinued on to the Middle Fork, and then finished on the Gorge section of the South Fork American.

This year the Triple crown returns as a competitive race with teams competing for bragging rights and a perpetual plaque.

The Triple Crown Race: three forks of the American River in under 12 hours...will happen: 1. NFA: Iowa Hill Bridge to Ponderosa Bridge 2. MFA: Oxbow to Greenwood 3. SFA: Camp Lotus to Skunk Hollow (no tow-in!) Start: Monday 6am, April 6th @Mineral Bar (Iowa Hill Bridge) Registration: (If you do not register...YOU DON'T RACE.) 6pm @ Nugget Market in Cool SUNDAY April 5th. Fee: $50. per raft.

Only river times will count and every team is responsible for their own shuttle!

Hey Ho, Let's go!

The after-party at Camp Lotus for all teams!

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